LinkedIn is a rich and complex professional tool, but most users do not understand how to fully implement it to serve their career.

Our Service

Our Professional LinkedIn strategy and training services will de-mystify LinkedIn and put you on the right track to master it for your career advantage, not just for now but in a continuing way. A good online professional presence will win you new employment or business opportunities, and will propel your career to the next level.

Choose from our profile writing services or two levels of LinkedIn strategy and coaching services, and let us empower you with a wide and deep knowledge of the capacities of LinkedIn and how to use it to its full potential to give your career the boost you are after.

You can purchase these LinkedIn services alone, however for best results, we recommend combining them with one or more of our other career services for a 360-degree career strategy. Our packages combine services that get results. Alternatively, please contact us for a free information and advice session about how we can best tailor a package with the right services for you.

Do you have a business? Check out our LinkedIn for Businesses service.

Package NameIncludesIs it for me?
Package 1
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Yes, if you are seeking to build a professional brand strategy that will make a lasting impact on potential employers, while boosting your job seeking and networking skills.
Package 2
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Yes, if you are new to LinkedIn or looking to optimise your profile with a holistic and personalised career strategy.
Package 3
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Yes, if you are a light or experienced LinkedIn user who would like an advanced and powerful boost to next-level your career strategy and prospects.

Our Offering

If you take your career seriously, you can no longer afford to ignore LinkedIn. It is estimated that 87% of large companies that are now using LinkedIn to recruit [link: ], and 93% of hiring managers, view the LinkedIn profiles of candidates before making hiring decisions. At LinkedIn Experts, we will ensure that you stand out for all the right reasons.

The team at LinkedIn Experts are a team of industry professionals who combine contemporary LinkedIn profile writing skills with resume and selection criteria writing services, as well as complementary and packaged services for building interview skills and career transitioning. We will ensure your LinkedIn profile positions you for future success. Essentially, your profile should serve as a digital business card or personalised website that:

Effectively showcases your skills and achievements, professionalism and credibility
Connects you to the right people and companies
Places you at the top of the right searches

Paying attention to rankings, SEO, personal branding, networks and content will enhance your reputation and career prospects. Our LinkedIn Experts will take the time to draw upon their deep knowledge of LinkedIn to develop the right strategy for you.

Is it for me?

Yes, we have the services you need, no matter your background, goals or budget.

Our LinkedIn strategy and training services are delivered in three levels and packaged for optimum results. Whichever package you choose, we will help to build you a compelling professional showcase that positions you in the market, gives you the edge on your competitors and brands you effectively.

For all LinkedIn services, we will:

  • Show you the value and practical applications of your profile such as the often neglected features of Groups, Projects and Publications
  • Advise you about how to impress with the right profile picture and provide you with custom graphics for the profile background
  • Inform  and guide you about the value of following the right companies and individuals
  • Create rich and shareable content, or coach you in becoming a content creator
  • Work on your profile strength until your status is at the ‘expert’ or ‘all-star’ level
  • Ensure your SEO by using the right keywords in your profile

Together, these steps will ensure that you appear near the top of all the right searches, and will equip you to make the most of the powerful career tool that LinkedIn is to switched-on users.

For our Professional LinkedIn Service, additionally we will:

  • Help you to leverage LinkedIn to build a great reputation  and drive new business relationships
  • Create rich content for you to share amongst your industry peers and potential clients
  • Show you how LinkedIn can enhance marketing and prospecting for your business
  • Follow up with a review and strategy session to ensure sustainable success
  • Provide advice to find top talent with LinkedIn’s recruiting tools
  • Offer 30 days of ongoing mentoring and support

For our Advanced LinkedIn Strategy and Training, additionally we will:

  • Follow up with a review and strategy session, as well as 30 days of ongoing mentoring and support
  • Guide you in using LinkedIn’s search features to gain exposure to people hunting for products or services
  • Inform you how to enhance prospecting by gaining and displaying your recommendations from others
  • Provide advice on how to gain introductions to potential clients or business connections
  • Show you how to demonstrate leadership and authority on LinkedIn
  • Coach you in becoming a content creator and thought leader

Remember: Connecting = your next job.

Remember: Your resume = your past. Your LinkedIn profile = your future.

Remember: Target your audience + Showcase yourself = Reap career results.

Our locations

LinkedIn Experts offers services to all of Australia, including:
QLD | ACT | VIC | NSW | SA | WA | NT | TAS

Our Industries

The team at LinkedIn Experts are adept in writing and optimising LinkedIn profiles for clients and business across a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:

Accommodation and Food Services | Administration and Customer Service | Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing | Arts and Recreation Services | Business Consulting | Construction | Education and Training | Energy and Utilities | Finance and Insurance Services | Healthcare and Pharmaceutical | Human Resources | Industrial and Material | Information Technology and Telecommunications | Manufacturing | Metals and Mining | Professional, Scientific and Technical Services | Public Administration and Safety | Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services | Retail | Social Services and Assistance | Teaching and Childcare | Transport, Postal and Warehousing

We work with an extensive range of clients, including

  • Executives such as CEOs, CIOs, COOs, Board Members, and Chairpersons
  • Job seekers wanting to stand out from the crowd
  • Professionals looking for a career change
  • TAFE and University Graduates
  • Recent School Leavers