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Your resume = your past. Your LinkedIn profile = your future.

Let LinkedIn Experts show you your future today.

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Our service

LinkedIn Experts is a well-established and successful business that has helped hundreds of people with compiling highly professional LinkedIn profiles that get results. We know what works on LinkedIn.

At LinkedIn Experts, our highly experienced team offer a personalised service that is effectively an entire career strategy. We take the time to ask the right questions to identify your career goals so that we can create a custom career strategy for you. In addition to creating your LinkedIn profile, we can provide you with strategies as to how to utilise your new profile to your best advantage, whether you are an individual or a business.

Moreover, we also offer services to work on your resume and cover letter to align with your professional marketing strategy, as well as show you how your LinkedIn profile should compliment and expand on your job application documents. We work with you to ensure that they are seamlessly presenting you in the best possible light to deliver the results you want.


LinkedIn Experts puts you in control of our career or business future.


Remember: Your resume = your past. Your LinkedIn profile = your future.



In today’s technologically focused world, potential employers are looking at your LinkedIn profile. Hundreds of companies use LinkedIn's Corporate Solutions and hiring managers and recruiters are doing the same to post jobs and source candidates for employment. These expanding opportunities are good news for job seekers.

To ensure you are using the full power of LinkedIn to assist with your search for a new job, the team at LinkedIn experts will empower you with the skills and knowledge to take control of how you digitally present yourself and how others see you. The result will be an expertly showcased profile reflecting professionalism, credibility, and a clearly demonstrated ability to undertake the job you are looking for.


Networking and influencing

Just as a resume is necessary for a job interview, a professional online presence is needed for almost any kind of career opportunity, whether it be a new job, speaking engagement or collaboration. And a LinkedIn profile, done right, can boost your online networking potential to both ensure that the good work you do is publicly recognised, as well as to let other professionals know how to reach you with relevant opportunities.

Your colleagues, managers, reports, clients and stakeholders are already viewing your profile for networking and project opportunities. We will help you make a stand-out impression on your LinkedIn peers, and guide you on connecting with likeminded professionals while keeping up-to-date with valuable industry and job market information, and increasing your professional influence.



It wasn’t long ago that cold calling was a necessary sales prospecting technique. But in the digital world of today, where roughly two-thirds of the B2B buyers make their decision digitally via online content, the rules of sales prospecting have changed. With over 450 million members, LinkedIn is at the forefront of connecting B2B buyers and sellers.

By enlisting LinkedIn Experts to put together a professional business or individual profile, you will have access to the knowledge, skills and competence to develop your network and execute lead generation strategies using the LinkedIn platform and functionality. From marketing and sales to product and service innovation, social media is changing the way people connect and the way organisations succeed.


Boosting your career

Whether you are about to start your search for a job, you want to make a switch in your career, or you simply want to let the world know that you are a professional in your field, LinkedIn can be a helpful tool to give your career a boost. One of the most important things is to realise what you want to gain with your LinkedIn profile and to adapt your profile to the phase that you are in. Google ranks social networks highly, so if you have a personal or business LinkedIn account and someone Googles you, chances are that you will show up on page one.

If you are a LinkedIn user seeking to next-level your career or business, LinkedIn Experts can guide you in becoming a leader in your field through a powerful LinkedIn presence and creating and sharing quality content. With a fully optimised profile, LinkedIn can provide you with visibility that is hard to achieve anywhere else. With LinkedIn, there are practically no limits.

Our offering

LinkedIn Experts is a team of seasoned resume writers and qualified professional career counsellors with deep expertise in LinkedIn. We ensure that your career strategy is underpinned by the best advice for your resume, LinkedIn profile and career strategy generally.

All of our LinkedIn services include a coaching component to develop you in the myriad and powerful ways to optimise your presence on LinkedIn and unveil the abundant employment opportunities there.

So don’t be afraid of being left behind. LinkedIn Experts will help you get ahead and give you the winning edge.


Getting started

Choose the plan that best fits your needs, goals and budget – or contact us [link] for a free information session about custom packaging our services to create a personal plan.

Let’s get started on your future today.

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What happens next?

First, we will contact you to arrange a telephone interview session, including completing a questionnaire that will help us build your unique professional marketing brand.

Next, depending on your package and services, we will provide you with an updated resume, create and upload a custom-written LinkedIn profile, and/or coach you in the LinkedIn skills and strategies to create and enhance your profile and LinkedIn presence.

Whichever package you choose, we will help to build you a compelling professional showcase that positions you in the market, gives you the edge on your competitors, and brands you effectively.

For all LinkedIn services, we will:

Show you the value and practical applications of your profile such as the often neglected features of Groups, Projects and Publications
Advise you about how to impress with the right profile picture and provide you with custom graphics for the profile background
Inform  and guide you about the value of following the right companies and individuals
Create rich and shareable content, or coach you in becoming a content creator
Work on your profile strength until your status is at the ‘expert’ or ‘all-star’ level
Ensure your SEO by using the right keywords in your profile

Together, these steps will ensure that you appear near the top of all the right searches, and will equip you to make the most of the powerful career tool that LinkedIn is to switched-on users.


For our Professional LinkedIn Service [link], additionally we will:

Help you to leverage LinkedIn to build a great reputation  and drive new business relationships
Create rich content for you to share amongst your industry peers and potential clients
Show you how LinkedIn can enhance marketing and prospecting for your business
Follow up with a review and strategy session to ensure sustainable success
Provide advice to find top talent with LinkedIn’s recruiting tools
Offer 30 days of ongoing mentoring and support

For our Advanced LinkedIn Strategy and Training [link], additionally we will:

Follow up with a review and strategy session, as well as 30 days of ongoing mentoring and support
Guide you in using LinkedIn’s search features to gain exposure to people hunting for products or services
Inform you how to enhance prospecting by gaining and displaying your recommendations from others
Provide advice on how to gain introductions to potential clients or business connections
Show you how to demonstrate leadership and authority on LinkedIn
Coach you in becoming a content creator and thought leader

Remember: Your resume = your past. Your LinkedIn profile = your future.

Let LinkedIn Experts show you your future today.


Why LinkedIn?

Connecting = your next job.

Job Hunting

Your LinkedIn profile is an indispensable career tool. When it is created carefully and strategically, it provides a customised and highly targeted display of your experience and accomplishments. Essentially, your LinkedIn profile should showcase your professional brand and be optimised to align with your current industry expertise to attract your dream job and help you to achieve your career goals. The world of job hunting is changing dramatically right now, primarily because of social media.  If you have not been paying attention to social media, and particularly to LinkedIn, you have some catching up to do. You cannot afford to ignore LinkedIn today.

LinkedIn is the most professional of the social media network venues currently available. In comparison with Facebook, LinkedIn is also the most respectful of member privacy. The use of social media for recruiting has been expanding, and the trend is expected to continue. While LinkedIn does include a job board where you can send your resume and profile directly, it offers far greater possibilities for jobseekers, and the team at LinkedIn Experts will help you unlock them.

An estimated 94% of recruiters are actively recruiting on LinkedIn, yet most existing users of LinkedIn do not know how to make the most of it – only 36% of candidates are active on the platform. LinkedIn Experts offer training and coaching in using LinkedIn to ensure that you are utilising its benefits optimally as a job search tool.

LinkedIn Experts will give you the competitive edge. Don’t get left behind.

We will help you to optimise your LinkedIn profile and your career prospects by:

Assisting you to take control over how you represent yourself and how others see you
Strategically expanding your network to target the people you want to be viewing your profile
Enhancing your chances of winning that next job opportunity, promotion or career change

Let’s get started on your future today!

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Participation: The Benefits

Your LinkedIn profile has virtually unlimited networking potential for you to tap into and deploy to your career goals. People connecting with each other, making referrals, introductions and recommendations are nothing new really in business. The difference today is how BIG the networking world has become with the web and social media. This is why LinkedIn used strategically can help you make those smart, qualified connections. Whichever of our packages you choose, we will help you unlock this hidden potential.

LinkedIn Experts will help you define and target your audience. Whether you are new to LinkedIn or an experienced user, we will help you with optimising your profile, then ensuring it is found and read by the right people – and that is just the beginning. Once we have helped you define your goals and your audience, we will show you ways to develop and impress your network, and to reach other connections within your network. The degree of connection in your profile builds trust and credibility and has the potential to expand globally. There is no limit, except to your ambitions.

In each of our LinkedIn packages, we coach you on how making connections and expanding them should be part of your whole professional approach. Connecting is a mindset, and one that is easily learned. And in the 21st century, connecting is essential to career progress.


Connecting = your next job.

Expanding your network can be a big undertaking, but well worth it for its amazing potential to further your goals and land you your next career appointment. One of the simplest and fastest ways of connecting is to join a LinkedIn Group. We will take you through the process of identifying the right groups to join and the best ways to mobilise membership within them to maximise your career goals.

We will even show you how to start your own LinkedIn Group. If you have the time it requires, it is one of the most powerful ways there is to expand your network and your influence, and to increase your chances of a job offer from a prospective employer. Your content is more likely to be read and shared, and invitations to connect more likely to be accepted.

Depending on your package and services, we will also create for you and/or coach you in becoming a creator of rich and shareable content, by which you can demonstrate leadership and authority, and expand your career.

Remember: Connecting = your next job.

Online Reputation

Let our LinkedIn Experts give your online reputation a boost. Your LinkedIn profile is your digital introduction to the world, and your opportunity to impress with your credibility and professionalism. With the help of our LinkedIn Experts team, you can ensure that you present not just a cut and paste from your resume, but a strategic profile, optimised to showcase you compellingly to your target audience. This in turn will help you to reap career results.

Target your audience + Showcase yourself = Reap career results.

HR professionals, hiring managers and recruitment agencies use LinkedIn to find candidates and professionals worldwide and look to LinkedIn to determine the reputation and credibility of candidates. More and more people are managing their reputations online by making connections, creating profiles, posting blogs and joining groups – both for their personal use and for their business. According to Social Media Examiner, LinkedIn and Facebook are ‘the two most important social networks for marketers’. LinkedIn offers several specialised features and tools making it an ideal network for reputation management.

You can trust our expert team of professional LinkedIn writers and graphic designers to create a profile that showcases your brand and increases the likelihood of potential employers reaching out to you because of your professional online reputation. We can also coach you in the skills and knowledge to take charge of your LinkedIn profile yourself to leverage its possibilities.


Let’s get started on your future today!

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Our service promise

Whichever LinkedIn package or service you choose; the team at LinkedIn Experts will make sure that you:

  • Appear in the right search results through use of keywords. LinkedIn profiles rank high in Google search results. It will usually be the first result when someone searches your name – and if, like most people, you do not have a personalised website, it may be your only result.
  • Take control of your brand and reputation. We will work with you to determine your target audience and then ensure that your profile is a strategic and fitting digital introduction. You will be in control of what people know about you and how they perceive you. We will advise you about choosing the right wording for your profile and offer you design services to create a compelling and unique graphic background that catches the reader’s eye.
  • Have a profile that showcases your successes and accomplishments, including advising on any you should list in the Honours and Awards, Publications and Projects sections. Many people neglect this part of their profile. We will help you to identify career events and accomplishments that qualify for inclusion in these sections – you may be pleasantly surprised at what we help you to discover from your work experience. We will ensure that all of the sections of your LinkedIn profile are populated, as this is just as vital as keywords in ensuring that you rank highly in the right searches and get seen by and impress the right people.
  • Target the right people and companies and know what you want from them. Whether it is the executive team at your present company, audiences for your articles, or potential future employers, we will first help you pinpoint your target audience, then build a clear call for action from them into your LinkedIn profile. Do you want people to email you for your resume? Call you with opportunities to collaborate or consult? Appraise you for promotion? We will help you to achieve your goals.
  • Join suitable LinkedIn Groups and participate in them in ways that will get you noticed and get you connected. We will help you identify the best LinkedIn Groups for your goals, or even help you to start one of your own. We will advise you on contributing to discussions and on creating rich, shareable and likeable content, or, depending on the services you select, create content for you. We will make sure your presence registers with the people whose attention you want, and that this attention leads to employment and reputation-enhancing opportunities.

Remember: Target your audience + Showcase yourself = Reap career results.


Our locations


LinkedIn Experts offers services to all of Australia, including


QLD | ACT | VIC | NSW | SA | WA | NT | TAS


Our industries

The team at LinkedIn Experts are adept in writing and optimising LinkedIn profiles for clients and business across a wide range of industries, including but not limited to;

Accommodation and Food Services | Administration and Customer Service | Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing | Arts and Recreation Services | Business Consulting | Construction | Education and Training | Energy and Utilities | Finance and Insurance Services | Healthcare and Pharmaceutical | Human Resources | Industrial and Material | Information Technology and Telecommunications | Manufacturing | Metals and Mining | Professional, Scientific and Technical Services | Public Administration and Safety | Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services | Retail | Social Services and Assistance | Teaching and Childcare | Transport, Postal and Warehousing

We work with an extensive range of clients, including;

Executives such as CEOs, CIOs, COOs, Board Members, and Chairpersons

Job seekers wanting to stand out from the crowd

Professionals looking for a career change

TAFE and University Graduates

Recent School Leavers


Meet our team 

Our expert team are here to help you strategise your way to your dream job.



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